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How Nylas Syncs Customer Data

When an account is connected to Nylas, the sync engine starts pulling all mail for the account and prioritizes recent messages.

Keep in mind that mail isn't always added in reverse chronological order.

New Emails

As new emails arrive in the user's mailbox, it's also added in parallel. For more information, check out how Nylas works.

Contacts and Calendar

Contacts and events are downloaded from newest to oldest. New events or contacts added after the sync start aren't downloaded until the initial sync is done.

Raw Mail

Nylas stores raw MIME messages for seven days. If you make a query within the seven days, we'll return the message. If the message is deleted, we'll query it directly from the provider and re-fetch the message.

How We Keep Your Data Up-to-Date

Nylas does the following to keep your data in sync with the provider:

  • Keeping an IMAP IDLE connection open
  • Exchange ActiveSync's ping notifications
  • Using webhooks from calendar providers
  • Polling the provider

Syncing Transactional Email Providers

When syncing transactional emails, such as Sendgrid or Mailgun, Nylas saves a copy on the IMAP server. This means your customer will also see the emails appear in their email provider account.

What's Next?

  • Webhooks - Get notifications for changes in customer data.
  • Account Status - Understand the health of connected accounts.