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Authentication Scopes

Nylas supports granular authentication scopes to improve security for your end users. You can limit the permissions and data that Nylas requests during authentication by using the scopes parameter. To do this, use either the /oauth/authorize Hosted authentication or the /connect/authorize Native authentication endpoints.

If you don't have the required scopes, you'll need to re-authenticate the account and your user will need to accept the permissions.

Nylas Scopes

These scopes are required to make API requests through Nylas. These are requested as part of Native authentication and Hosted authentication.

Nylas Scope Description
email Send and modify all messages, threads, file attachments, and read email metadata like headers
email.modify Read and modify all messages, threads, file attachments, and read email metadata like headers. Does not include send.
email.read_only Read all messages, threads, file attachments, drafts, and email metadata like headers. No write operations.
email.send Send messages only. No read or modify privileges on users' emails. Using email.send as the only scope with Gmail accounts may lead to unexpected threading behavior. Accounts using this as the only scope will also always be in an initializing state.
email.folders_and_labels Read and modify folders or labels, depending on the account type.
email.metadata Read email metadata including headers and labels/folders, but not the message body or file attachments.
email.drafts Read and modify drafts. Does not include send.
calendar Read and modify calendars and events.
calendar.free_busy Exchange WebSync (EWS) accounts should add this scope to access the /free-busy endpoint.
calendar.read_only Read calendars and events.
room_resources.read_only Read available room resources for an account. Room resources for Office 365 is an admin consent required permission.
contacts Read and modify contacts.
contacts.read_only Read contacts.

Default Scopes

If scopes aren't provided during authentication, the following default scopes will be used:

  • email
  • contacts
  • calendar


Office365, Exchange, and other Microsoft accounts don't offer a scope that mirrors our email.metadata scope. This means that if your app requests email.metadata, we'll request a more permissive scope to cover those needs and then restrict access within our system.

This usually results in our requesting an email.read_only scope in place of email.metadata. While Nylas will have the resulting access, the requesting app won't have permissions to access the email body.

Microsoft Scopes

These scopes are required when creating an Azure app:

Microsoft Scope App Manifest Description
User.Read Azure Active Directory Graph Sign in and read user profile
offline_access Microsoft Graph Maintain access to data you have given it access to
openid Microsoft Graph Sign users in
profile Microsoft Graph View users' basic profile
User.Read Microsoft Graph Sign in and read user profile
EAS.AccessAsUser.All Office 365 Exchange Online Access mailboxes via Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)
EWS.AccessAsUser.All Office 365 Exchange Online Access mailboxes via Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)
Calendars.Read.Shared Microsoft Graph Nylas supports Microsoft Graph for events only.
Calendars.ReadWrite.Shared Nylas supports Microsoft Graph for events only

Gmail Scopes

These scopes are required when creating a app in the Google console:

Google Scope Nylas Scopes Required Google scopes
userinfo.profile Required Google scopes
openid Required Google scopes
gmail.compose email.drafts, email.send
gmail.modify email.modify, email.send
gmail.labels email.folders_and_labels
gmail.metadata email.metadata
gmail.send email.send
gmail.readonly email.read_only. Includes gmail.metadata.
calendar calendar
calendar.readonly calendar.read_only
contacts contacts room_resources.read_only

Inconsistency for Google Accounts

Due to a known bug with the Google API, you shouldn't authenticate Google accounts with the email.metadata scope if you also intend to use more permissive scopes such as email.read_only or email.modify. gmail.readonly includes gmail.metadata.

In most cases, you don't need to combine the more permissive scopes to include the less permissive ones. Combining metadata with those scopes causes Google to return 403 errors, and the account in question won't sync properly.

Service Accounts - Calendar Data Only

Nylas is currently able to onboard Google Workspaces and Exchange-based accounts for calendar data only.

Authenticating Accounts

When authenticating an account using Hosted authentication or Native authentication, only request the scopes you need. For example, if you authenticate with only the calendar scope, then you will get a 403 response.

403 Response Example

"message": "You do not have access to the required scopes. You provided a token which has the following scopes: ['email.read_only', 'email.send']. You would need a token with at least one of the following scopes: ['email.modify']",
"type": "api_error"


Using calendar or contact scopes without the email scope only applies to Google and Exchange accounts. IMAP accounts don't have actual calendars and contacts, but we do parse iCalendar files and email participants to populate events and contacts when the email scope is included.

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